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    Premium payments

    Please refer to the How to pay your premium page on our website.

    You can pay by direct debit via

    • Bangkok Bank 
    • Siam Commercial Bank
    • Kasikorn Bank 
    • Bank of Ayudhya 
    • KrungThai Bank
    • TMB Bank
    • Government Saving Bank
    • Thanachart Bank

    Please refer to the How to pay your premium page on our website.

    We’re always here to help and if you’re having trouble paying, there are various possible solutions. You may wish to consider any of the following:

    • Change your premium payments. We can discuss how much you pay and how often. Contact us and we can create a plan that works for you.
    • Pay your premium by using the returns from any dividend payout or interim cash payment from your policy. Visit our cash return options page for more details.
    • You may wish to consider taking a loan out to help you. Visit our policy loan page for more details.
    • Amend your policy to reduce the amount of premiums – for example remove a rider.
    • Reduce the sum assured to reduce the premiums you have to pay (note that reducing any sum assured will affect the amount of coverage and protection).
    • Change the policy type. 

     These are all ideas. Before you make a decision it's very important that you have a discussion with us in order to find out what the best plan would be for you. Please don't simply stop paying your premium. Besides meaning your coverage will immediately stop it may also mean that you lose some money.

    If you have any problems, we'll always try and help and offer a range of possible solutions. Please give us a call at 1351 and find out what options and support we can offer.

    At FWD, we understand that sometimes circumstances change and life can be challenging. We'll always do everything we can to help. Speaking to us early is the first step as this will prevent any restrictions to your plan. Simply get in touch and together, let’s discuss your options.

    Sometimes the post can be delayed but if you haven’t received it around 20 days before your expected due date, simply contact our call centre and we’ll sort it out. Alternatively, you can find your premium payment due date via Omne by FWD our customer portal. This is fast, easy, and totally free.

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