Nobody knows what’s gonna happen tomorrow. So we’ve designed protection plans that cover the unexpected to provide necessary security to enable you and your family to stay afloat, make you feel at ease and embrace the life you deserve. With our protection plans, not only you can live your life but also can max it!

  • Secure… with life coverage until age 90 and safeguarding your family’s future

  • Valuable… with lower cost and choice of premium payment terms

  • Protection… because able to purchase Accident Protection and various types of riders that meet all your needs

  • Extra - Long term cash benefits until age 99, plus extra cash dividends after the end of the premium payment period and a cash lump sum at the end of policy period

  • Extra - Lifelong protection with choice of premium payment

  • Protect you. Extra care for your loved ones as your promise to help protect them when you weren't there

  • Be Sure - Insures you for a specified length of time, an ideal way to protect your family’s financial security at affordable rates

  • Your choice of coverage term of 5, 10 or 15 years

  • Tax deductible for coverage term of 10 and 15 years

  • Lifetime coverage until age 99

  • Your premiums now will be your health coverage after you turn 60

  • Fixed premiums when you have stable income