Because FWD knows that at the heart of every organization are its people, that’s why we are more than ready to provide employees worthy coverage plans they deserve.
FWD Group Insurance that provides varying kinds and levels of benefits, gives you the freedom to select the plans that best suit your corporation. It will help your employees to be able to balance their work and personal lives, to devote themselves with passion to work and to live their lives to the fullest.

As a network partner of INSUROPE and AIG Global Benefits Network, FWD provides you comprehensive coverage and service options

Overall our aim is to encourage your employees to live a worry free life and eagerly desire to go above and beyond their normal duties to bring further success to your corporation.

And as a network partner of INSUROPE and AIG Global Benefits Network, group insurance specialist pooling in over 80 countries, FWD is definitely ready to help you find Group Life, Health & Accident Insurance which you can freely customize coverage to meet your needs and budget, whether you are a company, organization, association, the co-operative group, an educational institution or multi-national company.

Protect your employees and their health. Give them peace of mind to help them work effectively and ready to step into success.
FWD Group Life and Health Insurance is here, in order to ensure that whatever happens to them, or whenever they get sick or injured and need to see the doctor or need to be admitted to the hospital, they still will be able to live a worry free life!