First Time in CZECH

Do you remember your feeling when you doing something for the first time? either traveling abroad alone or traveling with your partner for the first time. I bet that it must definitely excite you as if someone was going to say “yes” in being the relationship with you!

For me, this is my first trip that I fulfill the excitement into myself as if I was going to fall in love with someone indeed. Honestly, this country is too much more beautiful to explain and the gorgeous scenery also inspires me to get someone to enjoy this moment together!

Europe is absolutely a one of bucket lists of many travelers. But, it might be too difficult to pin point exactly where we want to see or should go. I’m sure that the first few criteria are inexpensive, safety and beautiful location. YES! Those are also what I want! So I highly recommend “Czech Republic” where will be able to fulfill your first time very well.

How to travel to Czech

Currently, there are no any direct flights from Bangkok to Prague, the capital city of Czech. But, you can fly to many cities in Europe before getting on a train, taking a bus or domestics flight to Prague. The living cost is so much cheap! It is almost the same as Thailand’s. You can spend the money like you’re in Thailand, but get the feeling of being in Europe! I recommended that you should spend 4-5 days in Czech otherwise you will miss many good things and you will regret for sure!

As I said that everything in this trip is really my first time, we firstly experienced with hipster places where we met many handsome blond men getting ready to say Hi, girl!” all the time. It is good, isn’t it? After that, we visited the historical places, old town including crossing Chales Bridge to zip beer at local zone, sounds good?

What are you waiting for? Let’s explore Prague like you’re the princess of Cesky Krumlov! Despite only a one night, it is absolutely worthy, isn’t it?

Let’s start with Old Town. This is such a crowded place with a huge of Chinese tourists.  Prague is a heritage city full of culture and colorful way of living. I could say that this is decent! Old Town is never lonely or sleep indeed.

Old Town Square

Local people call it as Staromestske Namesi”. The highlight is a big astronomical clock at Old Town Hall. This is the third-oldest astronomical clock in the world and the oldest one is still operating. The tourists are willing to wait and see the hourly winding dolls or parade of apostles that can be seen from the square. It is called as "The Walk of the Apostles".

Throwing back into hundred years ago, it is very stunning to invent such a creative clock including other moving sculptures. The invention is so elaborated and the system is well-complicated. It is related to the movement of the planets with the signs of the zodiac. If a fortune teller could be here, it would make my day!

The opposite site is Church of Our Lady before Týn. It is a gothic church with dominant spires. When entering into this church, you will get the feeling as if you were in a period movie wearing a skirt with an attached bodice! You can wander around this church all day. There are restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy the blue sky of Prague and nice weather like most European do.

You will see St. Nicholas’s Church nearby which is a Baroque church and Jan Hus Memorial. I wondered who is when seeing the first time. After searching the internet, I knew that he was a key predecessor to the Protestant movement of the sixteenth century. He criticized religious moral decay of the Catholic Church and against Sale of Indulgence. Although he was ultimately condemned by the Council of Constance and burned at the stake in 1415, he has been becoming the Hero of Prague until nowadays.

In this area, you can see the modern construction like Apple Museum. It is shown how Steve Job worked so that he could finally success his innovation. Moreover, you will see the first generation items of Apple until the latest products including some rare Apple items in this museum.

Don’t miss to taste Trdelnik! I don’t know how to explain exactly what it is. It is made from rolled dough and wrapped around a stick. Then, it is grilled and topped with sugar and walnut mix.  Czech people told me that it will be better if it is grilled with a coal stove. But, I think it is not different.

The difference is adding an ice-cream on top. It is such a way better! How’s about the taste? Please buy only one and share with 10 persons! lol

If you want to take such a nice photo with a classic staircase, Cesky Kubimus Museum is a right choice! The staircase in this museum is very elegant. So, dress the clothes and visit this place like you are going to be in the catwalk!

Although you are not in fan of arts, I bet you will like a hipster art here which is about political satire and Franz Kafka Monument history.

Although you are not in fan of arts, I bet you will like a hipster art here which is about political satire and Franz Kafka Monumen

There is a Powder Tower located nearby Wenceslas Square. This Tower was the city gate heading to the Castle. This is a symbol of Old Town. I think this is a charming spot because the ancient Tower is surrounded with many modern constructions. Also, Municipal House with the ancient design is located nearby.

Since Wenceslas Square is always crowded and very popular for taking a photos and enjoying the view, keep an eye of your belongings! A pickpocket is always in every tourist city.

Next day, we crossed Chales Bridge to visit the other side. This bridge has been being a Prague symbol since the past. Chales Bridge connects Old Town and Prague Castle located in the other side of Vitava River. Again, this bridge is crowded and never sleeps! If you want to take a romantic shot privacy, going in the early morning or late at night is the best option!

This bridge is decorated by 70 statues and statuaries. They depict various saints and patron saints venerated at that time. The most well-known saint is John Nepomuk because he is considered as a martyr of the Seal of the Confessional. It was told that he was the confessor of the queen of Bohemia. But, he refused to divulge the secrets of the confessional to the King. So, he was tortured to death and his body was plunged into the Vltava River.

It is believed that anyone who touched Brass sheet at the bottom of his statue will come back to Prague soon. Got it! So, next time, I will come back here again with my partner, sounds good?

This is Lennon Wall. After Lennon passed away, he became the symbol of Czech teenagers who against communist regime at that time. Most teenagers painted graffiti and filled with pieces of lyrics from Beatles' songs. Although Policemen attempt to arrest them, they still came out and express their thoughts in this way. Finally, this place becomes one of the landmarks in Prague.

Honestly, I think all countries in Europe are the same beautiful. But, each country is unique and so much different from one another in term of history. So, if you can review the history of each city or each place before visiting, you will more understand and truly enjoy every single moment than ever!

Another highlight you shouldn’t miss is Prague Castle. Some said that this is the most complicated castle in the world! And yes! I couldn’t agree with it more because it is such a huge castle! If you want to see every single room, one day is not absolutely enough! The most popular one is St.Vitus Catheral. This is a gothic church decorated with shiny glass windows. I couldn’t say much more than it is really beautiful!

Prague Castle is so different from other castles because it was built in a horizontal dimension. So, it took much time to see every single point. Another main point in this castle is Golden Lane. In the past, it was a housing of soldiers and servants in this castle. There was also a small market in this Castle, so the exhibition is set up to present how people’s life was at that time. Nowadays, this Castle becomes a government house.

After such a long visit in many historical places, we took a break by enjoying a panorama view at a beer garden. We truly enjoyed the sunset at 10 pm! at Petrin Tower which isn’t far from Prague Castle. It is an observation tower in Prague got the inspiration from Eiffel tower in Paris.

Petrin Tower has 300 steps. Keeping walking up! I vouch that it is worthy to go.  Literally, I don’t like seeing the view because I’m too lazy to walk up. Anyway, the view from here is so fantastic! Soft wind, blue sky and beautiful clouds in summer totally wipe out your tiredness.

Letná Beer Garden is the best place to perfectly end up the day. Image you are feeling a gentle breeze and a warm sunny late afternoon with a cold beer. How do you feel? It is awesome and I couldn’t ask more!

Local people always go to a picnic here. Some of them either read a book or listen to a song. Some either chat with their friends or play a sport like football and basketball. I bet that many girls will enjoy watching Czech men play the sport very much! And do not miss to taste Klobasa. It a Carniolan sausage served with a piece of bread. The taste is so good that I have to taste it again!

Next day, we went to Cesky Krumlov, the romantic heritage city. We spend 4 hours by taking a bus from Prague to Cesky Krumlov. The main purpose of visiting this city is only enjoying the city view! This city is a paradise of vocation taking you into the fairy environment. So, there are 3 things you can do here is being chilled, chilled and chilled!

Cesky Krumlov is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Since it is such a small city, we finish touring the city within a half day! However, if you come with your lover, you can spend 2 days here because this city can offer you with the best romantic time ever!

The toughest one of visiting thing is walking up to Krumluv Castle for only seeing the scenery view! How’s about the view? I can say that you will be got jealous of by your friends when posting these views on your Facebook!

There are several coffee shops and cafes in this city and you can rent a bike to explore this city easily. However, I recommended that it is better to ride a bike within the city because the road outside the city is more suitable for walking. A water sport outside city is quite popular in this summer. Many people do a kayak at Vltava River surrounded the city.

It is truly quiet at night. So, that’s why it is suitable to come with your lover. Still, if you want to hang out with your friends, you can go to Old Town Square. Cafe and restaurant are there. Again, do not miss the morning view of this city!

This is our first Europe trip that three of us come together. The reason why we chose here is the inexpensive living cost. So, it is quite easy for you to follow our trip. The concept of this trip is simple planning, but precious moment. We traveled to each place without any hesitation because we have a travel insurance of FWD with unlimited medical evacuation cover and comprehensive protection. Although we often travel to many places around the world, we are never worry because we are all safe with this insurance whatever will happen!

We came back to stay in Prague for 1 more day. We woke up early to go to a local market on Saturday morning. It is NAPLAVKA FARMERS MARKET which is the most popular local market in Prague and only opens on Saturday. Everything is available here such as fresh food, bakery, clothes, gardening etc.

This is the cutest local market along the river that I have ever seen! And the price is cheap! So, you can spend time for shopping all day!

Delicious cakes, pies, sausage, fried chips and fresh strawberries are waiting for you here! If you plan your trip to Prague, make sure that you don’t miss this market on Saturday.

This market is near to Dancing House, a modern architecture construction. It is not either Baroque or Gothic styles. It is a modern style indeed. You can either walk from the market or take a bus to see the city view in the morning.

We chose to end up our last day in Prague by getting in a cruise! A cruise in Prague is ready to take you to see the scenery views along the river both Castle side and Old Town City side. We had brunch together with enjoying the good moment in the cruise. It is so much worthy before going back home!

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