Payment Options - Unit Linked Insurance

We understand your needs and provide the right options.

As your needs are very important to us, we offer a wide range of payment options that provide you with flexibility to pay your premium your way and freedom time to live your life to the max.

  • 1. In Person at Head Office or Branches

    Please bring “the billing statement” to pay Unit Linked premium at any FWD branches.

  • 2.Through Company’s Agent

    Pay through the company’s agents or Agent Offices nationwide.
    Note: Please collect a temporary receipt from our agent as your evidence.


    • Check payable to “FWD Life Insurance Public Company Limited”, cross “A/C Payee only” and “Or Bearer”
    • Also specify policy number/ insured name and contact number on the back of check

    Credit Card

    • We accept both  and  issued by any banks.
  • 3.Through Commercial Banks

    Pay through any commercial bank branches nationwide.

    • Please show the billing statement to pay premium at any bank branch specified at the bottom of the billing statement.
    • If you don’t have the billing statement, you can use “Bank’s Payment Form” and specify “Comp. Code” as recommended.
      Click here to view recommendation and Comp. Code

    ** Pay “cash” or “clearing check” only

    • Reference code 1: Specify your policy number (Use 6 for T or 8 for U, )
    • Reference code 2: Specify the due date (MMDDYY)
      *** Please check the accuracy of every item