Premium Payment

  • How can I pay premium?
  • Please refer to the How to pay your premium on our website.
  • Now, I pay premium under monthly mode payment. Can I pay by debit from saving account?
  • Yes, you can pay by debit via Bangkok Bank, Siam Commercial Bank, Kasikorn Bank, Bank of Ayudhya, KrungThai Bank, TMB Bank, Government Saving Bank and Thanachart Bank.
  • If I have paid premium for a while but not all yet and I have a financial problem which affects the ability of paying. What would I do?
  • You would have many solutions for this problem, which are

    • Change period for paying premium to 3 months or 6 months.
    • Pay premium by using the return money from policy.
    • Loan out some money or whole amount of cash value from policy for paying premium.
    • Cut out some rider contacts to reduce the amount of premium.
    • Reduce sum assured to reduce premium that you have to pay (Reducing sum assured will affect to coverage).
    • Change policy's type to reflect your capability to payment.

    When you have the financial problem, please do not leave your policy. It is not a good solution to leave the policy because it will stop to cover your life immediately. You will lose some money. Moreover, in the future, you may need a new policy, you will get higher premium due to your age. If you are not in a good health, perhaps, you may get denied to buy health insurance.


  • When I get the accident in aboard, will FWD policy cover or not? And how should I do?
  • Normally, Personal Accidental policy covers your accidental even you stay in aboard. However, you must bring 1) Original receipt 2) Medical Care list and 3) Doctor reference.
  • How to proceed to get a new check if a check was lost, expired or has not been received?
  • You can contact your agents, our branch offices, or our customer service at 0-2632-6000 and inform the insured’s name, policy number and date of admission.

    Note: If a check is expired, please return that check to the company and the company shall issue a new check.
  • How to proceed to get the original copy of a receipt which is needed for other reimbursement?
  • You can request for the receipt by attaching detail along with claim document or contact our customer service at 02-632-6000.

    • In a case that an amount of compensation for hospital expense was not fully paid as stated in the receipt, the company shall return the original receipt and rubber-stamp the amount that the company has approved to pay on that receipt.
    • In a case that an amount of compensation for hospital expense was fully paid as stated in the receipt, the company shall not return the original receipt but shall send a copy of the receipt on which the amount of compensation that the company has approved to pay shall be rubber-stamped.
  • Can I file for a hospital expense compensation if I was treated in a hospital which is not affiliated with the company?
  • No, the hospital expense cannot be reimbursed in this case because the conditions in the policy specified that the treatment must be conducted in the infirmary that is affiliated with the company which mean the governmental and private hospital, medical centre or clinic, appointed by the company, except in the case of emergency* and must be immediately admitted for medical necessity.
  • If the beneficiary is a minor, how should death claim be proceeded?
  • The minor’s father or mother who is still alive or the minor’s guardian, appointed by the court shall file the death claim on behalf of the minor.
  • In a case where the insured or the premium payer was totally and permanently disable or dead and the company has received the claim documents but has not completed the claim process, does the insured or the guardian of the beneficiary have to pay the life insurance premium when it is due?
  • Yes, the insured or the guardian of the beneficiary has to pay the due premium in order to retain the effective status of the policy. When the claim process is completed and the premium in that policy is waived, the company shall refund such premium to the insured or the guardian of the beneficiary.
  • How to check the result of a claim examination?
  • Contact our customer service at 0-2632-6000

Policy/Policy Service

  • How much is the appropriate sum assured or premium?
  • Firstly, you need to know your purpose to obtain life insurance.

    • If you would like to secure some money for the future, for example, when you get retired and you would like to have 2 millions baht. Thus, you must choose the life insurance, which gives you a return at 2 millions baht.
    • Your capacity to pay premium which means how much you can pay for it.
  • If I bought life insurance directly from the company, then who would I consult with in the future?
  • The policy owners are able to call to Customer Service every day at 0-2632-6000 or e-mail us at all the time.
  • What is FWD Card? How to use it?
  • When you apply for Health insurance, PPO (CARE) and OPD or Personal Accidental policy, you will receive FWD Card. You can use it when you go to 276 FWD network hospitals. Simply present the FWD Card, you pay only those benefits that fall beyond policy conditions.
  • If I do not pay premium in grace period 30 days, am I able to use FWD Card?
  • You cannot use FWD Card because you have to pay premium in order to use FWD Card. However, once you have paid already, then you can also bring the bill to FWD to claim it later on. Normally, decline to use benefits that fall beyond policy conditions, it doesn't mean that you cannot claim but you have to bring that bill for a consideration, for the example, we may need to get more information from the hospital or some cases need to consult with the doctor.
  • How can apply to be Life Insurance Agent?
  • It’ so easy. You can apply at Apply as advisor or call 0-2632-6000.

Online Services

  • What should I do if I have forgotten my password for FWD iService?
  • Please fill out your information here to get a new password.

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