We design Little Naughty Boy & Girl Plan to ensure a stable, bright and promising academic future for your child from secondary school to graduation from university.

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We know that your child’s education costs increases every year. Our Little School Boy & Girl Plan helps you plan your child’s education expenses from the day they were born until the age of 10. Your annual cash return starts when your child reaches the age of 12 where the amount increases by education level, plus a cash lump sum when your child graduates from university.

So…what does it do?

  • Fund your child's education from secondary school to university with annual cash return that increases by education level, plus a cash lump sum when your child graduates.

  • Pay premium until your child is 18 years old, covering until 22.

  • No matter what happens, your child's education future will be covered with Payor Benefit add-on protection.

  • Non-tax deductible.

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