Link your FWD insurance policy to the Omne by FWD app for a chance to win a reward


The first Omne user to link their Policy at the start of each hour will stand a chance to win a Lazada voucher worth 250 Baht from 17 June to 26 July 2024. 

Watch out for the campaign banner on Omne’s policy linking page to see you have a chance to win. Each Omne user will only be entitled to win one Voucher.

Download Omne or sign in


1.For new Omne users: 

📍 Download Omne app and create a new account to link your FWD insurance policy.

2.For existing Omne users but have never linked FWD insurance policy:  

📍 Sign in to your Omne app and go to FWD Insurance page to link your insurance policy.

Campaign terms and conditions  

The “Link your Policy and Win with Omne by FWD” campaign (“Campaign”) is a promotion organized by FWD Group Management Holdings (“FWD”) and is subject to these Terms and Conditions. By participating in the Campaign, all participants shall be deemed to have understood, accepted, and agreed to be bound by these Terms and Conditions and all decisions of FWD, which shall be final and binding in all respects. 

1. The Campaign will run on a hourly basis starting from Monday, 17 June 2024 00:00 Thailand Standard Time (GMT + 07:00) and will end on Friday, 26 July 2024 23:59 Thailand Standard Time (GMT + 07:00) (“Campaign Period”).

2. The Campaign is open to all Omne by FWD (“Omne”) registered users aged 18 years or older and who fulfil the following conditions (“Eligible Participant”): 

(a) Individuals who reside in Thailand; 

(b) Individuals who register or are registered on the Omne app during the Campaign Period; and 

(c) Individuals who are FWD insurance policy holders and have not previously linked their Policy to the Omne App. 

3. The Eligible Participant must link his/her Policy on the Omne App during the Campaign Period to participate in the campaign. There are three ways to link an insurance policy on the Omne App: 

For existing Omne users:  

(a) In the Profile screen, user clicks “Link Account” to be directed to the FWD Insurance page of the Omne App, where the user must input their National ID or Passport number and tap “Verify”; 

(b) In the Home screen, user clicks on the “FWD Insurance” button at the bottom navigation bar to be directed to the FWD Insurance page of the Omne App, where the user must input their National ID or Passport number  and tap “Verify”. 

For new Omne users:  

(c) On the Omne App sign up page, there is a section for new Omne users to link their policy. The user has to enter their National ID or Passport number and tap “Verify”.

4. At the start of each hour, daily from Monday, 17 June 2024 00:00 Thailand Standard Time (GMT + 07:00) to Friday, 26 July 2024 23:59 Thailand Standard Time (GMT + 07:00 (GMT +07:00, the first Omne user (“Winner”) to link their Policy in the relevant hour, will be automatically selected to win a Voucher.  Each Omne user will only be entitled to win one Voucher. Time stamps will be based on the Omne App server time in Thailand Standard Time (GMT +07:00). If there is no winner in a particular hour, the Voucher will be forfeited and a new Voucher will be available the next hour.  

5. Winners will receive a pop-up notification in the Omne App informing them that they have won, and the Vouchers will be automatically placed in the Omne users’ wallet.  

6. Winners may view the Voucher in “My Voucher” section of their Omne wallet. Vouchers come in an alphanumeric code with instructions for redemption. Redemption of the Voucher is subject to the terms and conditions set forth by the merchant. 

7. The Voucher can only be used in the specified country. Vouchers are not transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash or credit of any kind. Any unconsumed value shall be forfeited. For additional terms and conditions including expiration dates and how to use please see details on Voucher. 

8. FWD accepts no responsibility for any variation in the value of prizes. 

9. FWD is not liable for any other additional costs associated with winning this Campaign or the prize that comprises this Campaign. 

10. Unless otherwise determined by FWD, this Campaign is not valid with other offers, discounts, rebates, vouchers, privileges, or promotions. 

11. FWD reserves the right to disqualify any one or more of the Eligible Participant/s without any prior notice, if: 

(a) the Eligible Participant/s are determined, in FWD’s sole discretion, to be ineligible for any reason whatsoever; or 

(b) the Eligible Participant/s, in FWD’s sole opinion, has breached any of the terms and conditions contained here, or any laws in the relevant country in which the Eligible Participant resides; or 

(c) at any time, FWD, at its sole and absolute discretion, suspects any fraud, or unlawful activity in relation to, and/or misuse of, the Eligible Participant/’s Omne user account; or 

(d) at any time, FWD reasonably believes that the Eligible Participant is involved in manipulating, rigging, abusing, cheating the underlying system, or is otherwise engaged in any activity calculated to game the system or gain an unfair advantage. 

FWD’s determination of all matters relating to this Campaign shall be final and binding and no appeal or objection on any grounds will be entertained. 

12. Personal information provided by each Eligible Participant will be used by FWD for the purpose of administering the Eligible Participant’s registration, conducting this Campaign and otherwise in accordance with each Eligible Participant’s consent. FWD may disclose entrant’s personal information to its contractors and agents in relation to the conduct of this Campaign. Omne’s privacy policy is available at 

13. FWD reserves the right to revise, cancel, suspend, or modify the Campaign and/or these Terms and Conditions at its sole discretion without notice.