Good health leads to vitality, which make living much more enjoyable so it’d better be prepared. Then you can go to see a doctor immediately whenever you’re sick or injured, because with proper health insurance, you can get proper treatment without touching your savings.

  • Coverage with no category limits: for room and food expenses, operation fees, physician fees, ambulance fees and general medical expenses.

  • Provide coverage for inpatient care, including coverage for continued outpatient kidney dialysis, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

  • Emergency outpatient, accident coverage.

  • FWD Healthy MAX – Give you most comprehensive protection with maximum coverage. Whether you already have other health insurance policy, state or welfare scheme or not, we’re ready to protect you to the healthy max!

  • Full cover for both in- and out-patient, and hospital income benefit.

  • Full cover for any cancer at every stage, including 50 critical illnesses!

  • Choice of OPD Plus Plans - And get medical expense as an outpatient up to 3,000 Baht/time for 30 times/year

  • For 6 – 65 years old. And renew until age 70

  • See a doctor with no cash advance – Just show your FWD CARE Card in a network hospitals

  • Added flexibility for the plan that suit your needs.

  • Super CARE plan insured age: 16 – 70 years old. Super CARE Co-Pay plan insured age: 1 month 1 day – 70 years old. Coverage both plan can be renewed until age 79

  • Super convenient with FWD CARE Card to receive medical treatments at any of our 380 FWD networks hospitals and clinics

  • Don’t worry! If you need to stay in hospital, you will get daily cash income up to a maximum of 10,000 Baht for 700 days

  • For 3 – 60 years old and renew until age 64

  • Super convenient to get it! – Because able to attach to various types of insurance policies

  • Family Health package. Provides coverage for inpatient, outpatient, accident, and life protection.

  • Inpatient care with maximum 25,000 baht per time and 50,000 bath per policy year.

  • Just show your FWD Care Card and receive medical treatment at any of our 380 FWD network hospitals.