Critical Illness

Nowadays serious illness can occur relatively easily and is closer than you think. So it’s better to be prepared than be surprised by how much these expenses can be. With us, no matter how serious your illness were, we will look after you.

  • Cover more - With 50 Critical illnesses and death coverage

  • Worry less - Get 20% of sum assured once diagnosed with early stage of serious disease and get 80% of sum assured if the disease gets into severe stages.

  • Insured age: 16 - 65 years old. And get coverage until age 85.

  • Pay all cancer, all stages - Except 1) Cancer in HIV or AIDS patients 2) Pre-Malignant

  • Pay for first cancer diagnosis - Receive 50% of sum assured if you are diagnosed with cancer. Money for treatment and recovery since early stage. and receive another 50% of sum assured if the cancer get into advanced stages - Or Receive all at once 100% of sum assured if diagnosed as advanced stages

  • Pay up to 40% - of sum assured for on going out-patient chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment for advance stages cancer treatment and recovery.

  • Cover every cancer at every stage. Receive more money for chemotherapy and radiotherapy

  • Receive more money in case of death

  • Protect the Payor - if the unexpected happens, your future premiums will be waived but your child’s future is still bright

  • More protection - if you have any of the 5 serious illnesses, your child’s education fund will still be well protected

  • Super convenient to get it! – Because able to attach to various types of insurance policies