Max out your life with FWD Power Max Link – the uniqueness of Unit-Linked.

The combination of insurance cover with investment potential especially designed for you to live life without limits...

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FWD Power Max Link knows that you want to be different! And now it’s time for you to dare to be different with FWD life insurance cover plus investment potential especially designed for you to live your life without limits.
We give you freedom to allocate your insurance premiums towards protection and investment & to design your investment portfolios as needed. And more flexible because you take a break from paying your premium or withdraw money whenever you want. Moreover, giving you the opportunity for higher investment returns in the long run.

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  1. Premium Holiday = a provision that permits the cessation of premium payments where the cost of insurance and other fees will be automatically paid from the accumulated account value within the policy. When the cash value has been exhausted, the policy will be lapsed.
  2. Auto Fund Rebalancing = a request from customer to maintain %allocation of underlying funds based on customer preference. The systemwill automatically transferred unit(s) of higher value fund(s) to another to keep that % fund allocation.
  3. Auto Fund Switching = a request from customer to automatically transfer certain % unit(s) of the source fund(s) to the destination fund(s) within specified period (normally up to 12 months)

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