Because an accident can happen at any time, both inside and outside of work.
That’s why FWD Group Accident Insurance is designed to provide coverage around the clock whether on duty or off duty to help protect your staffs.
Giving them confidence and encouragement to go the extra mile for work, while given them the courage to live their lives to the fullest. FWD Group Accident Insurance provides employees added protection to meet their individual needs

Why you should choose FWD Group Accident Insurance

Flexible coverage

Freely select the exact coverage plans that suit you best.

Cheaper than Personal Accident Insurance

Costs less, but get worthy coverage.

Offer comprehensive coverage options

Being able to customize it with additional package add-ons.

Add on for this product

• Cover Your Death
• Total Permanent Disability, Total Temporary Disability and Temporary
   Partial Disability from accidental causes
• Loss of organs from accidental causes
• Being murdered or physical attacked
• Riding on a motorcycle or traveling by motorcycle and covering any
   injuries caused by accident
• Get daily cash income benefits once you need to be admitted to the
   hospital caused by accident


FWD Group Insurance supports you to live your life fully every day, in every way.
For more information, please contact: 02 632 6000