Protect your employees and their health. Give them peace of mind to help them work effectively and ready to step into success.
FWD Group Life and Health Insurance is here, in order to ensure that whatever happens to them, or whenever they get sick or injured and need to see the doctor or need to be admitted to the hospital, they still will be able to live a worry free life!

Why you should choose FWD Group Life and Health Insurance

Flexible coverage

Freely select the exact coverage plans that suit you best.

Cheaper than Individual Life and Health Insurance

Costs less, but get worthy coverage.

Offer comprehensive coverage options

Being able to customize it with additional package add-ons.

Add on for this product

Group Life and Health Insurance

Covers your death by illness and accident.
And you can add…
+ Total Permanent Disability Cover
+ Accidental Death Cover
   (Receive more cash lump-sum death benefit payments)
+ 41 Critical Illness Conditions Cover
+ Comprehensive Medical and Surgical Coverage

Plus Extra Add-ons for…
++ OPD (Out-Patient Benefit)
++ Dental Coverage
++ Maternity Benefit
++ Major Medical – the expenses that exceed the Hospital & Surgical
     Supplementary Contract.


FWD Group Insurance supports you to live your life fully every day, in every way.
For more information, please contact: 02 632 6000